Training and Coaching for the Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Management Coaching and Training

Training & Coaching

Companies are experiencing rapid changes in global markets, R&D and technology, as well as in the social, environmental and legal context in which they must operate.

In this challenging environment distanced oriented management is no longer adequate.

What’s needed is hands-on, content driven managers, who are able to take all the key issues affecting the sector into account: People with broad management knowledge, expertise and leadership, who are able to take decisions based on insights into the potential markets and relevant stakeholders; Qualified managers with a multidisciplinary background, enterprising people who can assess the significance of innovations, progress and design a clear strategic course.

Getting prepared for the challenge

Our mission is to educate tomorrow’s decision makers, giving them the broad knowledge and skills that will prepare them to adapt to an ever changing environment in order to demonstrate leadership.

Letschert consultancy offers a wide range of challenging management courses in which we equip participants and companies not only with the most up-to-date tools and skills, but also with a broad perspective on topical issues and dilemmas in the healthcare arena.

These courses and workshops are designed to enhance participants’s grasp of marketing management, strategic thinking and leadership. We offer stand-alone open courses as well as tailor-made programs to meet client needs. The teaching method is a combination of interactive lectures, seminars, case-studies, projects and self-study.

Unique features:

  • Highly qualified teacher, who is not only competent but has the specific experience
  • Personal approach to teaching and a strong emphasis on interaction
  • Customized management programs, company specific topics and case-studies
  • Professional facilitating workshops, meta-plan sessions, seminars, brainstorming sessions, round table conferences etc.

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